These Park Model Log Cabins Give You The Best Of Both Worlds

Park models and log cabins make the most beautiful vacation homes. Lancaster Log Cabins, despite the many great manufacturers out there makes park model log cabins which are easy to transport to other locations. It’s almost like a tiny house on wheels, but their log cabins are larger. The Park Model Cabins look like rustic log cabins on wheels. Each cabin is assembled at their shop on a heavy-duty trailer frame and then delivered to the customer completely turn-key. These log cabins are not real RVs. However, they are classified as Park Model RVs. This allows you to have the best of both a RV and a log cabin. They are the only company to make real log cabin park models. This is a great thing to know if you are looking for something similar. These models can be used to build vacation cabins, rental units or guest houses. Everything you will need to make a cabin your own is included in its price. You can then move in and enjoy the cabin to your heart’s content once it’s delivered.

These log cabin park models have more character than regular models. This is why people love them. They look just like real log cabins. These park models will last longer because they are made from high-end materials. They will last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. These park models will also be easier to finance because you can get an RV loan. The log cabin is also available without the need for permits and exempt from property taxes. Although they are small, the cabins have bedrooms and bathrooms. The cabins come with a full bathroom, which is a lot better than using an outside house. It feels like home with all the appliances included and plenty of space to prepare delicious meals. The living room can even be used as a pull-out sofa. The cabins start around $26,000 US and you can customize the design to fit your style and needs.

Their log cabin measuring 13 feet by 30ft is the largest available on a trailer. It has a porch of 10 feet and a loft area. The cost to build this cabin would be approximately $50,900. This cabin can sleep 8 people if you make good use of the space and get bunk beds and pull-out sofas. The largest cabin costs only $50,000, which is a huge savings for a cute log cabin. These small log cabins can be used for any purpose and are very affordable. A trailer with one of their log cabins would be a great option for those who don’t yet have a piece or have recently purchased land and need something to put it on. You can take a look at all the small log cabins they have on their website. For any questions regarding their wood cabins, or how you can start your project with them, you can contact the company. Would you like to have a log cabin park model similar to these? Which model is your favorite?


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