Patrick Mahomes Expresses gratitude to teammates following his 101 Awards MVP victory: “Everything Means Everything to Them”

The quarterback was also named the Super Bowl MVP this year, making him the third player ever to win three or more Super Bowl MVP trophies

Patrick Mahomes was named the Kansas City Chiefs’ MVP at the 101 Awards this year.

On Friday, Mahomes, 28, and dozens of NFL greats headed to the 101 Awards, which are held in Kansas City, Mo., each year to honor both coaches and players who have made major advances in football. The quarterback was presented with the Derrick Thomas Award, a team-voted MVP trophy.

“To be nominated by your teammates, that’s the true reward,” Mahomes said of the recognition, per the Kansas City Star. “We have so many great players on our team and we’re part of a great run here. So I never take it for granted to be able to stand on a stage like this or be in the locker room that I’m in.”

The Chiefs shared a few photo highlights from the event on the team’s official Instagram account on Friday, including a shot of Mahomes posing with his trophy. Friend and teammate Travis Kelce liked the post in a show of support.

While accepting his award, Mahomes also spoke about the newfound popularity his team has experienced since the Chiefs have clinched back-to-back Super Bowl wins (and boasted game-day appearances from celebs including Taylor Swift).

“To host this thing in Kansas City, it’s such a great city,” he said of the 101 Awards, according to the outlet. “And I’m glad we get to continue to show what a great city it is.

“Like Rashee said, we’re not satisfied and as long as we stay away from T.J. and some of those other guys,” he added, referencing Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice (who was voted rookie of the year) and their playful rivalry with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt.

“We’re gonna try to keep this thing rolling, but it’s a great city. We have a great team with a lot of great people, and let’s keep this thing going.”

Mahomes threw for 4,183 yards and 27 touchdowns this most recent season, and has been credited with helping his team win its fourth Super Bowl.

After the championship game in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, Mahomes became the third player ever to win three or more Super Bowl MVP trophies — Tom Brady won five and San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana won three, according to ESPN.

The Super Bowl MVP title also made Mahomes the first back-to-back Super Bowl MVP since Terry Bradshaw won it twice leading the Steelers to consecutive wins in 1979 and 1980.

After the Super Bowl, Patrick was asked how he kept his cool to score the winning drive, and said it was “a microcosm” of the Chiefs’ season. The quarterback praised his team’s “defense” for “keeping us in there,” and “of course, Harrison Butker,” who tied the game with a field goal to go into overtime.

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